22 July 2009 - The game is currently not available for purchase at the digital distributors. Watch for the updates, the upgraded SvM is on the way!
29 April 2009 - Stalin is out! Check the blazing new music video in the Audio/Video section.
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Obviously, the main concept behind the game is pretty much clear if you can see its name. It just speaks for itself. The fact that such game exists is quite an event. It doesn't really matter what's behind the name or if the game is playable at all. The concept is enough. Simply makes your brain explode.

Meanwhile, we decided to move a little bit further than making up a bizarre concept and product's weird name. Stalin vs. Martians is also a good real-time strategy game. Probably one of the best in years and years. You can quote us on that.


The new, upgraded version of Stalin vs. Martians is on the way and will be available for download from the official website. Stay tuned for the updates!  

The main ideology behin Stalin vs. Martians is to have some fun. We must assure you that we have plenty of that developing our beloved Stalin. And you, yeah you, will have your part too. Our game is unique. Trashy and absolutely over-the-top, arthouse kitsch production in its finest. With a good technical basis and some healthy gameplay innovations. Stalin is anything but boring and it looks pretty like schoolgirl with a kitten. Can you ask for more?

— Stalin vs. Martians is a natural choice for anyone bored of hundreds and hundreds identical "World War II real-time strategy games". It's a perfect choice for anyone who just hates the strategy genre. And surely it's the weirdest and most brainscrewing PC title of the year.

Check the current PC games release schedule. Especially the strategy section. We doubt you'll find anything more interesting than Stalin vs. Martians. We bring you the craziest PC experience of 2009.


The game is more or less plot-driven, so we're working on a script wild enough to fit into our concept. In short, the outline looks like this:

Year 1942. Summer. The martians suddenly land somewhere in Siberia and attack the glorious people of Holy Mother Russia. It is a hard time for USSR as you might know from the history books if you ever attended school. The situation is really fucked up, so comrade Stalin takes the anti-ET military operation under his personal control. The operation is a top secret and virtually nobody knows about the fact of extraterrestial intervention.

— Well, that's it. Under the Stalin's command we must take control over Red Army forces and kick some alien ass. What shocks the most is that the martian forces look like a gay parade of Nintendo-styled cartoonish creatures.

As you know by now, Stalin vs. Martians is quite a a sight for sore eyes, sick and unique. We think you're already craving for a copy or two, so here's some more good news. The game is set for a spring release, so you don't have to wait forever to lay your hands on Mr. Stalin.

This game is too good to be true. But it is true. It's here and now.