Here is the couple of cool links where you can find more info on the game.

The interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun website.

And another one on The Escapist.

Stalin vs. Martians is a real-time strategy designed for people. No more madness with ammo supplies, no dozens of info pages on every artillery unit or other wargaming features that lately sneaked into the genre. Stop drooling on machineguns and toy soldiers, just play the game.

Our precious Stalin is a fast, furious, funny and very simple real-time strategy game. We even think about releasing it to the arcades. The mechanics is simple and intuitive, but effective and with some smart innovative twists. Let us show you what we're talking about.

— No city-building and technology trees. You can buy reinforcements and offmap special abilities. But no "build the barracks > buy the troops > upgrade the town hall". The only resources you can find on the map are power-ups. They look like they should: like shiny rotating coins with bright colors.

Power-ups are left after the enemy unit dies. You can collect them. There are five types of coins:
- Money. You can buy reinforcements if you have sufficient funds.
- Armor upgrade. Armor upgrade!
- Attack power improvement. You can kill the bastards more easily.
- Speed up. Your units will move faster. Upgraded infantry can even run with a speed of a tank. Or a member of Kenya Olympic team.
- Meds. The pills make you feel better, even if you are, err, a howitzer. Heals your HP.

— So here's the picture. Dead martians leave power-ups. Our unit can collect it and either bring us some money to buy reinforcements, or ugrade its stats. You can upgrade your guys several times, so it's possible to make you tank run 150% faster. There is a limit for upgrades, for the games balance sake, but even 150% turns everything into a complete pandemonium. That's fun.

As we already mentioned somewhere on this website, you can buy not only the new units, but offmap abilities. Like traditional air raids. And superabilities. You can't even imagine them. Trust us - they will impress you.

Most of the units can use extra skills. The usually have only one, but you don't need more. We try to keep everything simple. If you want to play a wargame, there's plenty of them in the market.

One more thing. The martians leave spots on the map, plagued by the extraterrestial slimelike substance. That goo improves the enemy units' stats the way power-ups improve ours. We need to clean the land out of this shit.

Couple of words on how all this havoc looks like. It looks good. You should visit the images section to check our early screenshots. Aren't they nice? And note that it will look better as the development cycle moves forward. So stay tuned for the updates.